Playful cognitive training for cyclists – completed project

In the study the “BikeRacer” a multitasking computer training was developed and its impact on the performance of older cyclists (65+) was extensively evaluated. A randomized, actively controlled, study was conducted to measure the effect of the 4-week training. Furthermore, it was necessary to clearly determine whether potential training effects on the improvement of multitasking ability or on other ability improvements, e.g. processing speed are traceable.
For this purpose, a test battery with different psychological performance tests was collected before and after the training. In order to check the transfer of the trained multitasking ability into everyday traffic, the participants had to complete a number of tasks on a bicycle course before and after the training. In addition, data was also collected using a questionnaire.

Project partner: Danube University Krems
Duration: February 2015 – January 2016
Project homepage:

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