Ongoing projects

Linked Care

Linking and connecting, Linked Care is intended as a comprehensive digital system to ensure a stringent flow of information and a continuous supply of information in mobile care, assistance and therapy. The demographic development causes a strongly growing need for care, assistance and therapy with a simultaneously decreasing supply of health professionals. This results in […]

Keep it Simple

The aim of the project is to design a mobile eLearning platform on which all information and training measures that a care facility needs are available

Smart Companion

Smart Companion combines autonomous low-cost robot sensors (vacuum cleaner robots) with smart voice interaction for assistance systems

Completed projects


ReMIND has designed a solution that touches upon aspects like tailored care, taking the social environment into account, focus on personhood and social connectedness using a robot.

Virtual Trip

This project aimed to develop an application for virtual reality trips of elderly people in need of care for therapeutic purposes.


The aim was to develop a safe and motivating tool for the promotion of healthy mobility for people affected by dementia.


The Academy for Research on Aging was a partner in the EU-funded research project STRANDS. In this project, we aimed to develop a long-term autonomous robot together with eight international partners.


In this project, we were involved in the development of a robot for seniors who live on their own and are at risk of falling.

Playful cognitive training for cyclists

Since older cyclists are often involved in traffic accidents, the aim of this project was to investigate the effect of computer training on the multitasking ability and thus road safety of senior citizens.